Gianni Cecchin

CEO of Verne Technology Group and member of Fundación LAB Mediterráneo



Entrepreneur, member of Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, CEO of Verne Technology Group, a holding company from Alicante that operates in the telecommunications and information technology sector. Originally from Italy, he has been based in Spain for more than 18 years and considers himself an adopted Alicante native. He combines an entrepreneurial spirit with extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, a field in which he started working in his native country in 1997. Today, Verne Technology Group operates in Spain, Morocco, Germany, and Portugal.


At the first public event of Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, the presentation of the book “Europa frente a EEUU y China: prevenir el declive en la era de la inteligencia artificial” by Andrés Pedreño and Luis Moreno, we heard the voice of Gianni Cecchin, CEO of Verne Group and member of the Executive Committee of Fundación LAB Mediterráneo.

Gianni Cecchin moderated the round table on artificial intelligence and, in this interview, he introduces us to the development of the event, which is an initiative with valuable content to promote technology and innovation in companies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.