20 July 2023

Knowledge transfer, key for building an unlimited society


We are currently living in a highly competitive world which is constantly evolving. In order to prosper in this environment, it is crucial that we foment collaboration and the transfer of knowledge among different groups. In the Region of Valencia , there are people with great talent and entrepreneurial potential who can help us drive the region’s economic and social  development and build the unlimited society which we, at Fundación LAB, are working towards.

Driving the entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit is fundamental for economic growth and generating employment. There are many top level researchers and scientists in the Region of Valencia who, with the bringing these research groups together with the business world, we can create an ecosystem in which knowledge is transformed into products and services that have a positive impact on society

Discovering hidden talent 

Frequently, the talent and experience of researchers and scientists go unnoticed outside academic circles. However, if collaboration between these groups and businesses is fomented, for example, through encounters like the one held last March in we helped bring together business people and researchers to promote innovation, we are opening up an opportunity to let people know about their work and help apply their knowledge in practical contexts. This not only boosts their professional development but also gives companies access to knowledge, which can offer innovative solutions and a competitive edge for their RD&I departments.









Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is a bidirectional process from which researchers and businesses mutually benefit. Researchers can learn from the business experience and acquire practical skills which complement their theoretical knowledge. On the other hand, companies can avail of scientific and technological advances to improve their processes, develop innovative products and be more competitive on the market. Collaboration between these groups helps foment creativity, innovation and the development of disruptive solutions.

Building an unlimited society 

The union of research groups and businesses not only has an economic impact, but it also contributes to the building of an unlimited society in the Region of Valencia. Encouraging knowledge transfer and collaboration helps promote sustainable development, the creation of quality employment and an improvement in citizens’ standard of living. In addition, the entrepreneurial spirit is fostered, and values like innovation, continuous learning and adaptability, which are fundamental in an ever-changing world, are cultivated.

This collaboration drives the entrepreneurial spirit, discovers hidden talent and  helps promote the transfer of knowledge, generating a positive impact on the region’s economic and social development. By building an unlimited society based on collaboration and innovation, the Region of Valencia can become a benchmark  in the sphere  of enterprise, innovation, technology and research.


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