27 September 2023

IMAGING turns Valencia into an international benchmark of medical imaging

Valencia 27 September 2023 –Fundación IMAGING was set up in Valencia, the first ecosystem for medical imaging. An environment of international reference in which we will work to promote, foster, develop and encourage research and innovation in medical imaging. The goal: to become a catalyst for moving towards personalized medicine, accurate diagnoses and more suitable treatments.

IMAGING was created by Doctor Luis Martí-Bonmatí. After years of research and work in the field of medical imaging, leading national and international projects, he joined professor Ignacio Blanquer, and business men Ángel Alberich adnd José Rosell, to set up Fundación IMAGING, a unique entity, created by and for medical imaging, for the benefit of people.

IMAGING was presented today at the Fundación Universidad- Empresa (ADEIT) in Valencia and was attended by more than a hundred guests with representatives from academia, science, business, health, technology, the pharmaceutical industry, research and patient associations. Its president, Luis Martí-Bonmatí, underlined the fact that “it is necessary to point out the value of medical imaging. It accounts for more than 90% of the data generated in a hospital. The information they offer is of enormous value for the patient, but also for research on the accurate detection of pathologies, setting the proper treatments, evaluating the body’s responses and optimizing diagnoses. However, the percentage that goes to research is very small. Our challenge at IMAGING is to work to ensure that this is not the case. More images need to be allocated to research”.

IMAGING has just started operations with the support of two foundations from Valencia which are committed to innovation: Fundación LAB Mediterráneo and Fundación Conexus.

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo is a project created by AVE with the mission of positioning the Region of Valencia as a national and European benchmark in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research.

To achieve this, it has set itself five objectives: to promote the creation and attraction of technology start-ups; to work to attract national and international technology companies to set up in the Region of Valencia and create a ‘tractor effect’; to promote support for companies in non-technological sectors to accelerate their digital transformation; to contribute to increasing private investment in R&D&I; and to help promote research.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is made up of the following entities: Aceitunas Cazorla, Aquaservice/Plug and Play, AVE, Baleària, Banco Sabadell, Boluda Corporación Marítima, CaixaBank, Dacsa Group, Embutidos Martínez/KMZERO, GDES, Grupo AZA, Grupo Bertolín, Grupo Gimeno, Helados Estiu, Importaco, Lanzadera, Logifruit, Nunsys, Royo/ Invext, S2 Grupo, SPB/Cleanity TIBA/Romeu, Verne Technology Group y Zeus/Sesame.


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