23 November 2023

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo reaffirms its commitment to technology in its last informative session of the year

Valencia, 23 November 2023.- Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, a project promoted by the Employers’ Association of Valencia (AVE), following its last Board of Trustees of the year, today held an informative session on technology trends.   

At a meeting held in the premises of the Edificio del Reloj in the port of Valencia, the Foundation’s trustees reviewed the actions carried out during their third year of operation, in matters relating to communication, dissemination, knowledge generation and support for already existing initiatives in the Region of Valencia linked to its four areas of action: entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research.   

In addition, they approved the action plan for 2024, in which the Foundation is to promote actions with greater impact to try to reach the business world and society, so as to promote the Unlimited company of the future.  

At the session’s opening, Héctor Dominguis, CEO of GDES and president of Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, stated thatin Fundación LAB, we continue to move forward with our mission to promote business talent and make the Region of Valencia a benchmark in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research”. 


Then, Myriam Gimeno, CEO of the Grupo Gimeno, took stock of the corporate mission to Silicon Valley, carried out by the Foundation a few weeks previously. Gimeno highlighted the fact that we can and must” apply what was learnt during this mission to the Region of Valencia. To this end, of the lessons and challenges to face, she stressed key aspects such as the need to align universities with businesses, treat Artificial Intelligence as a lever for growth and transformation, boost communication in order to transmit to society the value of our dynamic industrial system with great innovative potential. In short, we must contribute to creating this sense of community and entrepreneurial culture that works so well in Silicon Valley”. 

During the round table on trends in technology, different visions of the future of technology in matters relating to talent, AI, industry 4.o and cybersecurity were put forward. The table was moderated by the Corporate Managing Director of Familia Martínez and the CEO of KM ZERO FoodInnovationHub, Raúl Martín, who highlighted the fact that at Fundación LAB, our aim is to contribute, and, to this end, we have to be able to take in people with talent”.  

Gianni Cecchin, CEO of Verne TechnologyGroup, stressed that “Generative AI is going to be present in all environments and sectors. It can bring with it unimaginable improvements in efficiency and help us focus on activities that generate more value”. 

Then, Paco Gavilán pointed out that “at the Nunsys Group, we are taking on great projects in areas of cybersecurity, industry 4.0 and Artificial intelligence. Digital transformation is growing at an exponential rate and businesses in the Region of Valencia must rely on the next generation to boost their competitiveness”. 

According to José Miguel Rosell, CEO and founder of the S2 Grupo, it is a fact that cybersecurity is the technology that will help us use technological advances calmly and appropriately. Without cybersecurity, there will be no digital transformation”. 


Last of all,Carlos Mazón, President of the Valencian Government, was in charge of closing the event, and pointed out that one has to be willing to welcome digital nomads, because we Valencians, with our prestigious location, never stop doing things. We can be proud of having created a technological ecosystem that works”. 



Fundación LAB Mediterráneo

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo is a project created by AVE with the mission of positioning the Region of Valencia as a national and European benchmark in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research.

To achieve this, it has set itself five objectives: to promote the creation and attraction of technology start-ups; to work to attract national and international technology companies to set up in the Region of Valencia and create a ‘tractor effect’; to promote support for companies in non-technological sectors to accelerate their digital transformation; to contribute to increasing private investment in R&D&I; and to help promote research.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is made up of the following entities: Aceitunas Cazorla, Aquaservice/Plug and Play, AVE, Baleària, Banco Sabadell, Boluda Corporación Marítima, CaixaBank, Dacsa Group, Embutidos Martínez/KMZERO, GDES, Grupo AZA, Grupo Bertolín, Grupo Gimeno, Helados Estiu, Importaco, Lanzadera, Logifruit, Nunsys, Royo/ Invext, S2 Grupo, SPB/Cleanity TIBA/Romeu, Verne Technology Group y Zeus/Sesame.


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