25 May 2023

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo brings the Gran Urna to Alicante Station

Alicante, 25 de mayo de 2023.- Fundación LAB Mediterráneo, a project promoted by the Valencian Business Association (AVE), has presented an initiative to raise visibility and awareness of the importance of the Valencian Region having a strategy and orientation to position itself as a national and European benchmark in terms of entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and research.

Society has its sights set on the present, on the current state of our Comunitat, but at Fundación LAB, they wanted to go further and look to the future, on what society wants to achieve. To this end, they have installed a large urn today at the Alicante-Terminal Station (Alicante), which will also be present on May 26th at the Salera Shopping Centre (Castellón), and yesterday, May 24th, it was present at the Estación del Norte (Valencia) as the starting point of the three-day initiative.  

Diego Lorente, secretary of the Foundation, called on the public to respond anonymously to the big question launched with this initiative: What is your vision of the Valencian Community of the future, giving the possibility to do so digitally via this link.  

Lorente said that, with this initiative, the Foundation seeks to capture the attention of society, “A large urn, which symbolizes the great challenges that we have as a society and as a community”, appealing that “The great societies of the world are societies where their entrepreneurs and their civil society is active”.

On the second day of the initiative, different representatives of both large companies in the Comunitat and civil society attended, such as Carlos Baño (Alicante Chamber of Commerce), Zulema Beresaluce (Aceitunas Cazorla), Ignacio Bertolín (Bertolín Group), Ricardo Bono (Bertolín Group), Gianni Cecchin (Verne Technology Group), Fede Fuster (Hosbec) and Gianni Cecchin (Verne Technology Group), Fede Fuster (Hosbec), José María Gómez Gras (Miguel Hernández University), Carlos Merelo (Caixabank), María Jesús Pastor (University of Alicante), Ana Ponsoda (Banco Sabadell), Gerardo Quero (Bertolín Group), Toni Sánchez (Alicantec), Enrique Soto (LAB Mediterráneo Foundation), Amparo Vidal (Caixabank).


The Foundation opens the debate with this campaign on the importance of looking at the long term and the involvement of society in the transformation of the Valencian Community, making it clear that the challenge facing the unlimited society is immense, which is why they give it the importance it deserves by promoting four fundamental axes: entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and research.

To this end, Fundación LAB Mediterráneo carries out different actions in the areas of communication, dissemination, knowledge generation, and support for existing initiatives throughout the Valencian Community

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo

Fundación LAB Mediterráneo is a project created by AVE with the mission of positioning the Region of Valencia as a national and European benchmark in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, and research.

To achieve this, it has set itself five objectives: to promote the creation and attraction of technology start-ups; to work to attract national and international technology companies to set up in the Valencia Region and create a ‘tractor effect’; to promote support for companies in non-technological sectors to accelerate their digital transformation; to contribute to increasing private investment in R&D&I; and to help promote research.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is made up of the following entities: Aceitunas Cazorla, Aquaservice/Plug and Play, AVE, Baleària, Banco Sabadell, Boluda Corporación Marítima, CaixaBank, Dacsa Group, Embutidos Martínez/KMZERO, GDES, Grupo AZA, Grupo Bertolín, Grupo Gimeno, Helados Estiu, Importaco, Lanzadera, Logifruit, Nunsys/inConcert, Royo/ Invext, S2 Grupo, SPB/Cleanity TIBA/Romeu, Verne Technology Group y Zeus/Sesame.


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