Signatures Unlimited: Ignacio Bertolín, CEO of Grupo Bertolín


Today in ‘Firmas ilimitadas’ we interview Ignacio Bertolín, CEO of the company Grupo Bertolín.

A company dedicated to the construction sector, specialising in all the activities and processes that derive from this field of action. More than 50 years guarantee the company’s trajectory. A trajectory marked by seriousness, quality and the capacity to successfully carry out large-scale projects (buildings, housing developments, industrial warehouses, sports complexes…). Quality projects, carried out safely and with respect for our environment.

Today we have the opportunity to ask you some questions about your professional career.

What cultural book do you recommend that deals with some of the main themes of the LAB Foundation (Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology and Research)?

The leader who had no position by Robin Sharma

An inspirational phrase that has marked you or defined you in your professional career?

Do it right or don’t do it at all

One piece of advice you wish you had received?

Educate yourself as much as you can, you will never be late for the company.

A professional reference you admire and why?

Without any doubt my father, Manolo Bertolín, he was the best listener, empathetic and with the greatest emotional intelligence that I have ever known and will ever know in my life.

For you, the unlimited society of the future is…

That all companies can have access to innovation.