Andrés Pedreño

Professor of Applied Economics, promoter of AlicanTEC, and co-author of the book "Europe versus the USA and China: Preventing decline in the age of artificial intelligence".



Professor of Applied Economics. Honorary Doctorate from Nottingham Trent University (UK). He was Rector of the University of Alicante (1993-2000), founder and CEO of Universia (2000-2004), and is the author of fifty books related to the Spanish economy, education and the labor market, and the digital economy. He has developed in the last years technology projects and several successful national and international startups. Founder of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library (Stanford University Award for the best digital library) IT&IS, 1Millonbot, and Torre Juana OST, a technology campus that brings together companies specializing in AI. President of AlicanTEC, an association of 250 technology companies.


Andrés Pedreño shares some interesting reflections on digitalization, entrepreneurship, and the challenges that Spanish companies must face to adapt to new technologies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.